Doing Paid Surveys Online – How Much Can One Make Doing This Kind of Work?

Paid surveys online are a new method used in marketing research for gathering data on consumer behaviors. People are invited to fill out forms on the Internet and to give their opinions on various topics. The great thing is that participants like you and me are rewarded for completing these surveys. But how much can one make doing this kind of work? And could this wipe out the 9-5 concept as we know it?

Paid Surveys Online vs. Paid Surveys Off-line

An important tip that novice survey takers rarely know is that they should combine all kinds of surveys to earn the best possible income: Online surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping and testing surveys. Most focus group sessions, mystery shopping jobs and testing surveys are still done off-line and not on the Internet. So taking only paid surveys conducted online is missing out some of the best opportunities to earn money.

It should also be stressed that making money with surveys isn’t a one time event. It’s a process that needs some time and effort to make it work. People sometimes think that they will be able to take a $50 survey in the next hour. In most cases, it’s not true. They need to join many survey panels to start receiving paid surveys. It is also known that market research companies send more surveys to veteran members compared to new members. Consequently, people need to join enough survey panels and be registered with them for long enough to develop a stream of daily surveys to take.

Income Estimate

To give you a rough estimate of the money you can earn with surveys, we can say that anyone who sticks with surveys and combines all kinds of surveys should have no trouble earning an extra $200-$400 per month working at it in his spare time. Advanced panelists can earn $400-$1000 per month working part-time. Top performers that stick with it for long and work full-time can make up to $5000 per month! It’s amazing and very rare! These top performers are generally professional mystery shoppers who take high paying focus groups, product testing and online surveys in addition to mystery shopping jobs.

Could this wipe out the 9-5 concept as we know it?


For most people paid surveys aren’t a career opportunity. It’s a fun way to earn extra money. People enjoy doing it, they earn an extra income for their time and no risk is involved. It explains why paid surveys are so popular… But if someone thinks of quitting his job to make a full income with surveys, I would recommend him against it! He can have fun and make money with surveys but there is a long way to go before paid surveys take over his full-time job.

To wipe out the 9-5 concept, people should consider more challenging opportunities like affiliate marketing, making money with eBay or selling their own product online. These opportunities can be very rewarding but it isn’t an easy thing. You need an entrepreneurial spirit and high motivation to make it happen. It’s doable for most people who are ready to invest a significant amount of time and also some money in it. It isn’t done overnight. The ability to explore new territories, the courage to take some risks, patience, perseverance and creativity are important traits in successful entrepreneurs.

We discovered that many people taking surveys are curious about such online ventures like affiliate marketing or selling products on eBay. As you can imagine, taking paid surveys online isn’t a goal but a mean for earning money. It explains why online surveys are generally a good way to get your feet wet in the online money world but not necessarily the only thing you should try on the Internet. Developing your make money online skills is what ultimately will make a difference in your life so it’s advised to educate yourself on paid surveys and other options to grow your online income.

5 paid survey tips

Yes уоu саn mаkе money tаkіng surveys оn thе Internet today. Ноwеvеr, іf уоu expect tо асtuаllу mаkе а decent amount оf money уоu must dо а fеw simple things correctly. Іn thіs article І will gіvе уоu fіvе paid survey tips thаt work іf уоu follow thеm correctly.

1. Treat thіs lіkе а business. Наvе уоu еvеr watched а friend clip coupons аnd organize thеm іn а systematic wау? Тhіs person іs mоrе thаn happy tо save sеvеrаl dollars еvеrу week аnd іs wіllіng tо invest time іntо thеіr coupon business.

You shоuld tаkе thе sаmе approach whеn іt соmеs tо running а survey business. Іf уоu tаkе thе time tо set thіs uр lіkе а business уоu will mаkе mоrе money.

You shоuld start bу building а list оf companies thаt pay cash fоr tаkіng surveys. Оvеr time thіs саn develop іntо а high quality list thаt уоu саn focus on.

2. Set uр а schedule аnd stick tо іt. Маnу people tаkе а haphazard approach tо trуіng tо complete surveys online.

If уоu set а schedule аnd work оn thіs lіkе а part-time job уоu will gеt а lot mоrе dоnе. Yоu will аlsо find thаt уоu bесоmе mоrе effective іn thе type оf surveys thаt уоu target. Тhіs will lead tо mоrе income fоr you.

3. Join аs mаnу оf thе free paid survey websites аs уоu саn. Тhе оnlу wау tо develop а large list іs tо start bу joining thе free survey sites.

These аrе sites thаt maintain а database оf аll thе dіffеrеnt survey companies. Cash Crate іs оnе оf thе mоst popular paid survey sites аnd іt іs аlsо free tо join.

Inbox dollars іs аnоthеr оnе thаt emails survey opportunities directly tо уоur inbox. Yоu саn join оthеrs аnd hаvе access tо еvеn mоrе companies tо tаkе surveys for.

4. Invest sоmе оf уоur profits tо purchase survey lists. Маnу оf thе best survey opportunities аrе nоt listed іn free sites.

There аrе companies thаt will sell уоu access tо а database whеrе thеу kеер аn updated list fоr уоu. Тhіs іs money well spent bесаusе sоmе оf thе higher paying survey opportunities аrе going tо bе fоund оn thеsе websites.

5. Earn referral income. Тhіs іs а vеrу simple wау tо earn additional money frоm survey companies. Ѕоmе programs еvеn pay а residual income оn surveys tаkеn іn thе future аs well.

If уоu follow thеsе paid survey tips уоu will find thаt thеу rеаllу dо work. Yоu will аlsо find thаt уоu аrе mоrе effective аnd уоur income will grow faster.

Paid Online Surveys For 15 Year Olds – Earning Through Paid Surveys

Most teenagers nowadays feel the need to have their own money. This is not just to save up for college but to also at least to have money for their everyday whims. They feel a sense of independence when they have their own money in their bank accounts or in their pockets. Many teenagers work by conventional means. They work in fast food restaurants, in video arcades and in movie houses. But the global age has brought a new form of job opportunities for the kids.

The Internet offers a smorgasbord of jobs to teenagers. Unfortunately, some of the are not suitable for kids and that there are adults willing to exploit them. Some jobs also take a lot of time so it can probably distract their attention from their studies. For teens who want to earn some money during their vacant time but not to the point where they will be derailed from their priorities, Paid Surveys is the perfect solution.

Why is Paid Surveys advantageous to kids?

It would not only give the chance for a teenager to earn as much as $75 per hour but they could also do this during their extra time. They do not have to shift their schedules to fit their time of participation to answering the surveys. They can do it while resting after class, in their break time or a few minutes before going to bed. They can answer the surveys after they have done their homework, or even while doing it if they want to take a break from the doldrums of a student’s life. If the teen is an active participant in various curricular and extra-curricular activities, Paid Surveys can be done during weekends only.

The pressing question about working on this venture is the safety of the individual who took the survey. Participating would mean that he or she is giving pieces of information to strangers. And though it rarely happens, we still have to think of the possibility that someone will be able to gain access to this surveys and use it to harm other people.

The best way to avoid bad scenarios is to make sure that the teens have joined legitimate and reputable sites. For parents, they must walk step by step with their children just to make sure that they would not divulge any information that would be bad. There is nothing wrong with letting them earn their own money as long as they will be perfectly safe.

Home Paid Survey Panel – Tips For Finding Good Paid Survey Sites

Finding good paid survey sites on net is not hard at all. For this you should invest a little time on internet. As you know there are too many scams on surveys. So, you should be careful while finding good paid survey sites. Here are some tips to find those sites:

#1. Use Online Forums: – Online forums are the good places to find information about good paid survey sites. You just need to go any reputed online forum and search for good survey sites. Or post a question about those sites. You will also find lots of people who have tasted many survey sites. There suggestions will be helpful for you. Here is a list of some good online forums:

#2. Use Yahoo Answers: – Yahoo Answers is another great place to find those sites. Go to Yahoo Answers and create a My Yahoo account. After that post a question like ‘where to get good paid survey sites’, after some time you will get lots of feedbacks from real persons. You will get a few links of some websites and blogs which have a list of good paid survey sites. Millions of the men and women use Yahoo Answers, so it is one of the best places to get information about any sites.

#3. Use Online Communities and Groups: – Online communities and groups are also good places to discuss and get information about any site. Join online groups which are related to make money online and ask members to information about good paid survey sites. Discuss with other members and use their knowledge to find those sites.

#4. Use Search engines: – Just go to Google and Yahoo and search for ‘good paid survey sites’ and you will get lots of websites. By this method you will easily get 10 to 30 good survey maker sites. But you will also get some scam sites. So, do some research before joining any site.

# 5. Use PaidSurveyOnline: – This site is a survey directory. And it will charge you some dollar to share its survey lists. It will worth for your time because if you try to find those sites on Google, it will take huge time. It is reputed site and also it has money back guaranty.

Once you find those sites, download free Roboform from internet. It will save lots of time while joining those sites.

Best Uk Paid Survey Sites – Making Money From the Right Paid Survey Sites Without Wasting Your Time

Making money off of taking paid surveys from the comfort of your home has become an increasing trend.

Everyone is struggling with keeping up with their bills and obviously taking paid surveys can only help to generate cash if it is done at the right survey websites. Unfortunately there are individuals that fail to make any money from paid survey sites and end up giving up hope before they had the chance to make any real money.

The reason they fail to make any real money is because they are wasting their time on survey sites that do not generate enough surveys to make a decent living. It is impossible to make any real cash if you are not being fed enough surveys to make enough cash to stuff your pockets with.

In fact there are many survey websites online that fail to give their users enough surveys to maintain a steady income stream. The only way one can make some serious cash is to have access to a large database of surveys that will constantly force feed you with more than enough survey s to fill out.

Basically having access to a paid survey website with a large database is much easier than having to register one by one at hundreds of separate mini survey sites online. Registering at so many survey sites is time consuming and it can be very difficult to keep track of everything.

If you hate wasting time on tasks that prevents you from making money then you can obviously see how much of an advantage it is to have access to a paid survey database that will finally put some cash in your pockets in an easy manner.

Canadian Paid Surveys Review – Locating the Real Money Making Paid Surveys

There are free cash paying survey sites in every nook and every cranny on the web, but the real money making paid surveys stay hidden from most folks. Why is that? It’s because of the ways you are “looking” for them, which needs to be changed if you are to find the ones that pay the most. If you truly want to join the free cash paying survey sites that have legit money making paid surveys, you need to read on.

I am going to give you a couple straight forward tips that you can use to get to a lot of the fantastic websites that the average surfer will never be able to. It’s truly a shame that ninety percent of men, women and teens are wasting their time at fly-by-night places that don’t pay very much. There are so many great free cash paying survey sites available to everyone, yet most will be bypassed without even knowing it. Why do I say this? Because when people look for money making paid surveys, they use one method, which is a search engine. Nine out of ten men, women and teens use them and they lead you in the wrong direction and it doesn’t matter if you are in the United States, UK, Australia, or Canada. Canadian Paid Surveys Review

There are two, separate things you can do about this…

The first choice would be for you to keep chugging along, plowing through those 1000’s of search results. That might take weeks, which isn’t very logical. You second choice is to start digging in forums, which are a sensational method for finding out out where the best free cash paying survey sites are. The big forums are the most useful, because they are generally packed full with topics about doing paid surveys. Inside of these topics is where you can get a first hand look at where teens, adults and seniors all over the globe (United States, Canada, UK and everywhere in between) have been able to make the most money doing paid surveys. It’s that simple.

It’s an honest, reliable way to make sure you get a nice list of free cash paying survey sites that truly pay their members what they are worth.

Online Survey With Images – The Truth About Free Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey With Images

You see the ads. You read the articles. You visit the sites. Paid online surveys. It sound almost too good to be true. Apparently, you can take surveys on your computer from the comfort of your own home and make money in the process. What is really going on with these opportunities? Are there really plenty of free online survey jobs out there?

The question defies a simple answer because it probably is not appropriate to consider completing online surveys a job. A job conjures up images of consistency, clearly defined responsibilities, an established rate of pay and other factors. Completing paid surveys is different. Surveys definitely offer a way to make money online, but they are not jobs in any traditional sense.

Initially, you probably should not expect participation in market research surveys to create the equivalent of a full time income. It is possible to post massive earnings with surveys, but most participants in this field do not see substantial incomes. Instead, paid surveys are a way to generate extra money. They are a fun and easy way to profit, but they are not going to replace your former gig as a corporate CEO in the income department! Online Survey With Images

You can make money with surveys. You cannot, however, project consistent and regular earnings. Some days will be better than others. Some weeks will be better than others. A hot streak, during which you find a series of very high-paying offers may be followed by a slow period where the big money is harder to find.

Those who are serious about making money with surveys have found that they can improve their chances by investing in quality resources that provide them with a plethora of leads and contact information for marketing research firms who offer online projects. However, even these higher level participants do not clear hundreds of dollars every day.

I think paid surveys are a lot of fun and I know they can generate some much needed household income for people who would like to engage in a fun, paying activity. I thoroughly recommend making money online this way, but I caution potential participants to maintain reasonable expectations.

You can make money. If you do things the right way, you will make money. You probably should not, however, consider paid surveys as a substitute for full time, gainful employment. Think about it like this, free online survey jobs are really free opportunities to make extra money with a fun hobby. The overall earnings can be very impressive when you consider the nature of the activity. Online Survey With Images

How to Find the Paid Survey Sites That Best Match your Taste

As you must have already heard, the paid survey business is on the rise with dozens of survey sites launched every week. If you try to locate the best paid survey sites through a search engine, you will most probably get some 6,000,000 matches of your request. Is it possible to recognize the best survey sites from millions of survey-related sites? What’s more, you must be able to tell the legitimate survey sites from the scam, but how? Read below to find some useful tips on how to find that paid survey sites that best match your taste.

There are people who have experienced taking Paid online surveys and haven’t succeeded to earn the cash they wished for. The reasons for that are not that paid surveys do not pay. The reason is either that these people were not consistent in taking paid surveys – they either started off by taking a couple of surveys and then dropped off; or they didn’t have the right strategy to take surveys – namely, to take a large number of surveys. Moreover, many people make a huge mistake by having unrealistic expectations of earning huge profits overnight. When this doesn’t happen, they decide that all paid surveys are scam, and lost the chance to even earn additional $100 per month, because they started off with misperceptions.

To find the best paid survey sites does not mean to search them one by one in a search engine request return with millions of inclusions. There are some very good and free survey site databases that can offer you hundreds of opportunities to earn cash, freebies and various rewards with paid surveys. As soon as you subscribe for free, you can choose the surveys sites you wish to try out and start earning. It’s important that you join a free survey database, because the paid ones dot not necessarily guarantee better quality or all-legitimate inclusions. Many newbie survey takers sign up for a paid-membership survey resource, then get disappointed that the $40-or-so membership fee cannot be covered with one-month’s earnings. As is usually the case with newbie survey takers, it takes a while before they start earning regular incomes. Prior to that, they might earn much less that they expected. However, that does not mean that the paid survey sites are illegitimate or that paid surveys are not right for them. Quite on the contrary, paid surveys are right for everyone, as everyone qualifies to take them.

Another tip is to subscribe to as many survey sites as possible, and create a separate email account where you will receive the invitations to complete surveys. Even though you might not be able to respond to all invitations, you will get a sense of how often each survey site launches surveys, and how much it pays. Once you can select your favorite paid survey sites, you can drop the rest, and concentrate on the few that bring you the cash and rewards that match your taste. That’s one of the best earning strategies with paid surveys, and many have experienced its benefits.

Finding the best paid survey sites also means finding these survey resources that provide you with the earning possibilities that match your lifestyle and routine. If you have a full-time job or two part-time jobs, filling in 10 surveys per day may be a little too much for your lifestyle. However, by subscribing to more than a few paid survey sites, you can have more opportunities, and eventually determine the total number and specific websites whose surveys you will decide to complete. Good luck!

Paid Surveys – the Legitimate Paid Survey Sites Strive to Beat the Scams

Many survey takers are ringing the bell that numerous survey scams are trying to compromise the quality services of the legit paid survey sites. Whereas experienced survey takers cannot be beguiled by the pyramid sites that emerge every day, the newbie survey takers may well fall victims of the scam artists in Paid Online Surveys. How can you protect yourself from the illegitimate survey sites?

Dear survey newbie, beware of sites that ask you to pay to access a paid survey database. You should read the privacy policy and terms of service of the survey sites you want to subscribe to. It is very likely that these same survey sites will appear in survey site indexes that are obtainable for free. It’s always better to choose a free survey site, rather than pay anything before you’ve actually started earning. Some legitimate paid survey companies require membership fees as a sign of exclusiveness and means of ensuring quality, reliable subscribers. However, most scams have mimicked this trend and have ripped off many naïve survey takers by charging alleged membership and vanishing into oblivion after cheating enough survey takers.

It is highly important to sign up for more than a few survey companies in order to make meaningful earnings. Having multiple sources of paid survey invitations is equivalent to having more than one income channel. Most survey sites offer a limited one-digit number of Online Surveys on a monthly basis. Expanding your free-time earnings necessitates that you take as many surveys as you can. Subscribing to more survey sites makes perfect sense, as you’ll get a constant stream of surveys, and thus, more constant income. But how can you tell which sites to trust?

The legitimate paid survey sites will never ask you for credit card information. They will also seldom require any upfront investment from you in the form of paying for information, booklets, tuition, certification or any other materials. Even though some legitimate survey sites also charge fees to finance their expansion and web maintenance, most rely on funds from their advertising partners, rather than their members.

It is also my opinion that the legitimate survey sites should not require membership fees, as it’s more logical and loyal to customers to let them make earnings for free. Paid survey companies are recruiting survey takers, since that helps market research companies prosper and remain competitive. Therefore, it’s the vested interest of companies to pay survey takers for the precious consumer feedback, not the other way around. Paid survey takers are the ones that need to be rewarded for their effort and time, and not be required to pay for the opportunity to earn.

Another advice that I often give to my acquaintances who take up Free Paid Surveys is to have limited expectations for their initial paid survey experiences, and be persistent in order to get to the real money-making. Experienced survey takers know that the chances of getting more, highly-paid, higher quality surveys comes as survey takers show availability and reliability. Once a company has identified you as a responsive and responsible survey taker, you stand the chance of getting more surveys that also pay above the average fee. Legitimate survey sites always recognize and appreciate their faithful and loyal survey takers, and reward them for their persistence and quality customer feedback.

Fast and Easy Guide How to Take Paid Surveys

This is a comprehensive guide to taking paid surveys – fast and easy rules that can make you more efficient, and help you earn more cash and prizes. If you wish to have the optimum strategy how to maximize your earnings with Paid Surveys , read further.

Build Realistic Expectations

It’s essential that you know in advance what you can really earn, and how long it can take you to achieve your earnings. You have to make the difference between the marketing hype to advertise certain paid survey websites, and the real story. To learn what you can earn, you need to experience taking Paid online surveys , and for that purpose – to subscribe to more than a few survey sites and check what they offer and how they reward you for your survey feedback. Some survey sites offer more prizes in freebies, free trials and lottery drawings. Others primarily pay cash, but might also offer less surveys per month. Anyway, having realistic expectations means experiencing paid surveys and deciding for yourself which paid survey opportunities best match your taste.

Expand Your Choices

As I already mentioned above, maximizing your earnings means – having the best strategy. With paid surveys, you need to rely on the number of surveys you complete to earn maximum cash. The more surveys you take, the more chances you have to earn a regular additional income from paid surveys. If you subscribe for only two survey sites, for instance, you might get 4 surveys from each in a lucky month, which will be 8 surveys, $5-$10 each, or some $40 to $80 in a month. However, in a bad month, you might get no survey at all from these two survey sites. What do you do then?

Expand your choices – subscribe to more than a few paid survey sites, and you will be able to make up the numbers if some of the survey sites offer no surveys for a period of time. The average number of surveys that a single survey site offers may vary from none to five or six. By having more options to get paid with surveys, you can earn steadier income.

Learn By Experience

As with many other jobs, in taking paid surveys you learn by experience. Many beginner survey takers quickly drop off either because they lack the patience to be consistent and grow proficient in taking surveys, or because they have unrealistic expectations. Learning by experiencing paid surveys is tremendously important – maybe a month or two will pass before you’re really good at selecting the paid survey sites that will bring you the greatest cash and prizes. Moreover, as you take surveys, you learn information that only paid survey insiders know. That will give you advantage in the future to earn more cash and prizes.

To learn by experience sometimes means getting burnt. However, there are ways to evade getting burnt in a paid survey scam. Paid surveys gurus usually advise to subscribe to a FREE survey site that requires no membership or prior investment of money. Once you have nothing to lose, you can enjoy taking paid surveys in the quantities and timeslots that you wish. Taking paid surveys can be tremendously easy and fun, and you can surely know how to earn money in a relaxed and enjoyable way!